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Mofit is

a product that will take care of the children’s safety when riding a bike, a kickboard, or a skateboard.

Children who are not proficient with riding a bike can simply turn their heads to make turn signals. Also, in a case of emergency or danger, Mofit sends the location of the children to the parents through the connected app. Mofit notifies and allows parents to make fast action in the case of accident and will always protect the safety of the children.

Mofit is an attachable smart light you

can easily attach and detach to the helmet!


Designed to fit


Mofit is designed to be attachable to the helmet children always wear. The simple and light design prevents discomfort when attached and also provides a clean look. It can also be attached to the parent’s helmet; thus, the whole family can use it together.



Safe For Kids

Children may not be familiar with riding a bike, so there are many cases where they lose control and fall down while riding when they try to signal a turn using a hand. However, Mofit provides a solution to this problem by allowing a turn signal by just turning the head to the turn direction. Due to the bright light, it works well during the night time, when many accidents occur.


Accident Alte

No problem even if an accident occurs! Mofit, connected to the app, will notify the parents if the children are immobile for a set period. The location is sent right away to the parents allowing a fast action from the parents and preventing more problematic situations.



The character in the Mofit app recognizes the rider’s movement and provides various quests and items you can collect to add more fun while riding. It can make Mofit more plausible and fun for children who prefer to not wear a helmet.

More Fun

with Mofit


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